Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Decorating With Metallics

Alexander Lamont

Designer Alexander Lamont is a master when it comes to metallics.  The British designer creates pieces that add that special glow to an interior.  A look at his recent collection, and I fell in love with pieces gilded in gold, bronze and brass.  These accessories have a soft glow that will make any room shine.  

Alexander Lamont

This water-lily mirror is a stunning work of art.  The soft patina gives a bit of a metallic glow.

Alexander Lamont

I have never seen votives so luxurious.  These small bowls have been painted with a rich gold interior.  With a black outer shell the look is very modern and sophisticated. 

Alexander Lamont

Twisted wood has been cast in bronze to create this unique vessel.  A richly organic piece, I would love to feature this on a dining room table or living room mantel.

For more metallic inspiration check out our Color Crush: Metallics Pinterest board >

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