Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It seems as if daily a new site pops up, offering unique ways to purchase what's new in the world of furniture and decor. is one of those sites.  Based in Notting Hill, this London-based company has found a way to offer bespoke pieces at an affordable cost to the consumer.  With no warehousing, items that are offered for a limited time, and that are made to order, you can get your hands on a high street piece without breaking the bank.


I absolutely love pieces like the Vernay Cabinet by Swiss-born designer Philippe Cramer.  Using on-trend color-blocking techniques, this multicolored cabinet is a work of art.  It's the kind of statement piece I would love to have at home.

While it doesn't look like makes deliveries in the US, if you are in the UK this is a must-visit site for beautiful home furnishings.


  1. Clean lines, tonal colours, very elegant & Oh so Swiss
    Quite retro too.......Mmm, time for a mocktail martini!
    Thanks for sharing

    1. I love the retro feel of it as well. Thanks for commenting.


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